Lili Zaneta

Visual artist & photographer

Born 1994. in Split, Croatia.
Currently living and working in Trondheim, Norway. 


MFA Fine Art
Academy of Fine Art, NTNU, Trondheim, NO

BA Cinematography / Photography / Light design
Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, HR 

Full CV


Visual art

I’m a visual artist working mainly within mediums of photography, video and text, often in the form of installation. Things that inspire me usually reside in everyday life and human emotions. In my research, I take inspiration from psychology and sociology. I am interested in slow and meditative works. My intentions are often to ease the viewers, to give them a few minutes to relax and feel their surroundings. I want us to connect with senses neglected in the high-paced modern society, and to be able to perceive life in its entirety.

Commissioned projects

For commissioned projects I work both with photo & video. I document exhibitions, art events and performances. I create photos for posters and video trailers as well as photography for publications.