It's a small day

2020, photo and text installation
Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim, NO 

150 inkjet prints on forex boards, varied in size
150 text lines on paper, varied in size 

It’s a small day is a photo-text diary that emphasises the importance of seemingly insignificant, ordinary moments. It explores balance in life and examines our fear of mistakes, vulnerability, and the unfamiliar. It’s a long-read meditative work about personal growth and about acceptance. By showing courage, humour and strengths of vulnerability, this work doesn’t offer a specific outline or idea that has to come to the viewer, nonetheless, it’s open to interpretations and it encourages the quest for an answer that might not be found. This work is a puzzle in which by the randomness of photos and thoughts viewer is drawn to find connections and rethink what has been seen or felt. Furthermore, this work is indirectly touching the problem of contemporary life. In this world of online perfection, it is exactly mistake-making and acceptance of our imperfections that can bond us back together.  

Project supported by: 
Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (BKV)
Trondheim municipality