There is glass between us, but glass is fragile

2023, Photography, text, embroidery, audio, video work
Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, Pop Opp Gallery, Trondheim, NO

In the exhibition: “There is glass between us, but glass is fragile" Zaneta combines photography, text, embroidery, audio, and video work to explore intergenerational relationships.

Through a playful dialogue centered on her own mother, Zaneta presents a meditation on connection. “I am interested in my relationship with my mother, and in understanding her and her actions. Her mind is a mystery to me, I can’t seem to understand or see through it. Yet, as I get older I can understand more and more without actually understanding. She is a mystery that I am trying to solve by becoming her.” We see this through the distanced portraits Zaneta builds of her mother through text and photography, ultimately creating a portrait of herself using images of her mother.

Through this unconventional approach to self portraiture, Zaneta explores conventional notions of identity, family, and belonging. The exhibition invites the viewer to connect with their own experiences and emotions, and offers a unique perspective on this universal theme.

Project supported by Trondheim Kommune.